Sight Flow Indicators

A sight flow indicators is a device installed into a pipe to provide a visual of verifying liquid flow for direction and accurate flow rate. Sight flow indicators allow operators to observe the color and clarity of liquids through a window. A sight flow indicator is a body with one or more viewing windows, usually with gaskets, and a way to mount the indicator to the pipeline, such as flanged, threaded, or sanitary clamp connections. Sight flow indicators are available to fit standard pipe sizes ranging from 1/4-inch to 16-inches and carry ANSI pressure ratings. Sight flow indicators allow direct observation that do not give a false reading, lose power, or unable to read. Sight flow indicators may be applied to almost every phase of movement, whether it is liquid, gas or powder. Operators of the Sight flow indicator can see the approximate rate of flow, direction of flow, and condition without interrupting process flow. To find out more about the John C. Ernst sight flow indicators, contact one of our specialists today.

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Low Pressure - Single Window - Threaded
Low Pressure - Double Window - Threaded
Medium Pressure - Double Window - Threaded:
Threaded Glass Retaining Rings (Non-ANSI)
Flanged Glass Retainers (ANSI)
O'Ring Sealed, Medium & Higher Pressure (ANSI)
Medium Pressure - Double Window - Flanged:
Flanged Glass Retainers (ANSI)
O'Ring Sealed, Medium & Higher Pressure(ANSI)
High Pressure - Double Window - Threaded
High Pressure - Double Window - Flanged
Electronic - Pulsed Output / Setpoint Switching
Dome Type - Agitating Balls - Threaded
Cylinder Glass - Full View - Threaded
Cylinder Glass - Full View - Flanged
Cylinder Glass -Armoured - Threaded
Cylinder Glass - Armoured - Flanged
Glass Pipe Indicator - Threaded / Flanged
Self Cleaning Glass Wipers
Cylinder Glass - Plastic - Threaded
Cylinder Glass - Plastic - Flanged
Cylinder - Ball Action - Threaded
Cylinder - Shielded - Threaded
Cylinder - Armoured - Threaded
Sanitary Sight Gauge - Tri-Clamp
Flanged Teflon®* Sight Gauge
    *Teflon® is a registered trademark of DuPont
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