Tubular Level Gauges - Shielded


These Shielded Gauges provide you with safe viewing of fluid levels in your tank and a wide option of scales.

This design is simple to install and provides additional gauge glass protection. Glass protection is assured by a metal housing with a Lexan face which protects the glass tube.

The standard tube is 5/8"OD Clear Glass (borosilicate) and can be furnished as Redline Glass, Lexan, PVC, or Acrylic tubing.

Both gauges can be mounted with Model 324 Proximity Switches for High and Low Level Alarms. (See Pages 31)

Multiple sections of gauge glass are spliced together to meet the higher-pressure ratings up to 300 PSIG. (See Page 42 for glass pressure ratings). Some applications can be rated to 400F with reduced pressures.

Connection Sizes:
   1/2 - 3/4" NPT
Flanged 1/2" - 2" 150#

Scales Available:
Height Scale in Inches
Rate Scale ML/M &
  Qts/24 Hrs. 1/4" increm.
Metric Rate Scale ML/M &    Liters/24 Hrs. cm    increments
Custom Scales

Model 819 is designed with Integral Shutoff Valves with Automatic Ball Checks. The valves are offset for easy cleaning of the glass tubing through 1/4" vent or drain.

Model 849 is designed for applications where Valves are not required. This model is also available with PVC wetted Parts with either Carbon Steel or 304 Stainless Steel Frames. A 1/4" vent and drain port are provided for easy cleaning of the glass.
• Sizes: 1/2" NPT to 2" Flanged
• Easy Installation of One Piece
• Full Glass Protection
• 3-Sided Metal Frame with Clear    Polycarbonate (Lexan) Shield
• Gauge Lengths up to 15 Feet With or
   Without Valves
• Vent & Drain for Easy Glass Cleaning
• Made to Customer Specifications

Pressures up to 300 PSIG
Temperatures up to 400F

  Frame: 304 Stainless Steel or
                 Zinc Plated Carbon Steel
  Wetted Metal: 316 Stainless Steel or
                 Zinc Plated Carbon Steel
  Seals: Viton
®* O-Rings (Std.)
  Tubing: 5/8"OD Borosilicate
  Valve Stem Packing: Teflon

A Special Note About Corrosion
Excessive corrosion may result in
   leakage, glass breakage, and premature
   valve failure.
Be sure all wetted components of the
   gauge are constructed with materials
   compatible with the service medium.
   John C. Ernst Co. does not make
   chemical compatibility recommendations.
See the "Compass Corrosion Guide" or
   equivalent for material compatibility.

is a registered trademark of DuPont Dow Elastomers
®  is a registered trademark of DuPont   
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