Shielded Tubular Level Gauges

A (Was Model 819)

Standard Features

  • Full Glass Tube Protection – 3-Sided Metal Frame with Clear Polycarbonate Shield
  • Stainless Steel or Carbon Steel construction
  • Vent & Drain for easy glass tube cleaning
  • Custom Lengths to customer specified center to center dimensions
  • To achieve long lengths with higher glass pressure ratings, glass splicers may be installed
Wetted MaterialsPlated CS or 316SS
Frame MaterialsPlated CS or 304SS
SealsFluorocarbon (standard), EPDM, FEP, Buna-N
Connection Sizes1/2” to 2”
Vessel Connection TypesMNPT, 150Lb & 300Lb ASME Flanges
Tube Outer Diameter5/8”
Center to Center Lengths8” to 180”+ (±1/16”)
Automatic Ball ChecksYes, for Non-Steam Applications
Vent & DrainYes
Temperature RatingUp to 400°F (Limited to Seal Ratings)
Pressure Rating (Non-Steam)Up to 600 PSIG
Saturated Steam RatingUp to 232 PSIG @ 400°F
Shield/Scale Options

  • Clear Protective Shield (no scale)
  • Height Scale, Rate Scale, or Height and Rate Scale
  • Expanded Metal Shield

Size & Connection Options

  • See Matrix for full list
Tubing Options

  • High Pressure Clear glass
  • High Pressure Red Line glass (See Why Red Line)
  • Heavy Wall Clear glass
  • Heavy Wall Redline glass (See Why Red Line)
  • Acrylic plastic
  • Polycarbonate plastic
  • FEP thermoplastic
  • Red Floating Ball in tube

Application Notes:

  • Saturated Steam Service: Acceptable when configured for saturated steam/water service
  • Potable Water: Plated CS Gauges are not suitable for potable water. Gauges configured with all stainless steel wetted parts only are suitable for potable water
  • Vacuum Service: Suitable with ball checks removed and no PTFE seals or FEP tubing is installed
  • Gaseous Service: Not acceptable
  • Compatibility: Before ordering, verify that all materials of our level gages are compatible with the service media(s), intermittently used cleaners, the environment, and cleaning processes in conjunction with the temperatures and pressures of the application(s) and future applications. John C. Ernst Co. does not make chemical compatibility recommendations. Compatibility is the responsibility of the user and/or specifying party.

Warning WARNING: This product can expose you to certain chemicals, which are known to the State of California to cause cancer or birth defects or other reproductive harm. For more information go to:
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Model Number Matrix
Model Number Matrix