Glass Cutters & Accessories
Model 850 Squeeze & Pop Glass Cutter
This glass cutter will cut tubular glass up to 1" OD. The cutter chain is wrapped around the tubing right at the point where cut is to be made. Any length from 1/2" to several feet may be cut off. This is our most popular glass cutter.

Model 852 Table Top Glass Cutter
This cutter is made so it can be clamped to a table. It will cut tubing up to 1-1/2" in diameter. The cutting blades can be replaced.

Model 853 Economical Glass Cutter
This inexpensive glass cutter will cut tubing up to 1-1/2" diameter on outer surface of the glass, to the length required.

Model 854 Tubular Glass Brush
Designed for cleaning the inside of gauge glass. For Model 507, 508 Heavy Wall Glass, use 1/4" diameter brush.
Model Available Diameters Available Lengths in Inches
854 1/4" 48
3/8" 21
1/2" 21, 36, 48, 72
5/8" 21, 36, 48, 72
3/4" 21, 36, 48, 72
1" 21, 36, 48, 72

Gasket Cutters - are supplied as a Basic kit which includes gasket cutter, blade, thin blade, ferrule, disk pins, pivot pins, post wrench, pin handle, bolt hole locator, dove-tail designer. Complete kits consist of the Basic kit plus cutting workboard, material box, and applicable extension arms for larger cuts.
Model Maximum Dia. Cut Type of Kit

Model 867 Redline Polyester Stripe
This self-adhesive strip changes clear gauge glass into redline magnifying gauge glass so clear liquids can easily be detected by appearing red. It also can be attached around the circumference of larger cylinder glasses as level markers.

Model 800 Visi-Shield
Designed as a collar to fit snugly around gauge glass to deflect and collect escaping steam condensation which can cloud up the outside of the gauge glass.

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